Dear customer. In case you cannot proceed with the order please read info below. We hope it will help you

to get through checkeout process succesfully and if there is any further issue with payment please contact

our sales department on:  +353 (0)45 405 192 / +353 (0)87 749 5498 or through email on:


1)  If you already have setup Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal on your phone/ PC / Laptop you can skipp checkout process

entirely and buy our products using those services.In same cases though your account with those payment services

might not be setup correctly or account it not active. In that case please add product into basket and click on Proceed to checkout

2) On checkout page please fill all info as per form and click on Place order.

3) For payments: We provide 2 options. Regular credit card paymnet through Stripe payment or PayPal

4) Issues with payments?

  • Make sure at time of payment you have enough funds on your bank account
  • Have mobile banking app ready in case your bank will need you to approve payment
  • When you click on Place order please wait a few seconds for system to finish all payment process
  • If order was succesfull you will receive confirmation email with order details. Please check spam inbox in case you cannot find confirmation email.
  • If you are not receiving confirmation email or cannot proceed with regular credit card payment please try to use PayPal option where you can add credit card details even if you don’t have PayPal


  • If you have PayPal account login with your details and proceed with PayPal payment.
  • If there is any other payment issue or you are not sure if payment went through please contact us through phone call our email.