BLUETTI offers a diverse range of power storage products, including portable, home, and commercial models, as well as solar panels and accessories.

These products are designed to provide reliable and clean energy solutions for a variety of applications, such as outdoor activities, camping, hiking, emergency backup power, and off-grid living.

We will be expanding our offering from Bluetti in 2024. Please contact us if there is product you are looking for and is not currently listed.



Off Your Grid specialise in portable power solutions. Having introduced EcoFlow to the Irish market in 2021, we are now excited to bring Bluetti to Ireland and also offer the well-known and trusted Anker products, giving you more choice from the top legacy brands.

All units have multiple charging options, giving you the flexibility to charge by a wall socket, car 12V outlet, solar panel and more. Each power station has a built in battery, inverter, MPPT controller and smart technology all built into a neat plug and play system.

By specialising in portable power products, we can offer a diverse range of electric generators and solar panels for business, home and adventure.

These products have become an essential item to have for transportable and backup power.

We will be adding more top brands in 2024.